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...the only group of magicians in Poland...

Co - producers and leading roless (magicians) on the programme "52" on MTV channel

They are as young as 25 but they've been practicing the art of illusion since they were 6; as a group they've been performing since September 1997; keeping up with the times they resigned from classical tuxedos and silk-hats; their performances are characterised by very energetic music and light; (see: FILMS)

Their activities have been presented in four TV reports produced by TV POLSAT and MTV, as well as in Radio Zet broadkast "Nie do zobaczenia" and in extensive press releases published in such magazines as "Cogito" and "Bravo", "Rzeczpospolita", "Promenada Sukcesu" and in publications of Egmont publishing house.

Magicians from Metamorphosis have given several hundred performances for different companies, special events agencies, advertising agencies and Public Relations agencies, as well as for schools, foundations and hospitals. (see: EVENTS).

Currently, 98% of the group performances take place during all kinds of business events and special events. (see: CUSTOMERS).

Being the only Polish magicians, they have welcomed David Copperfiled at the Warsaw Airport, who has personally invited them to his performance, which took place in Polish National Opera. (see: GALLERY).

The most important facts from the group history (in chronological order)

  • performance for Duchess Sapieha and a 30-person group of guests from London
  • performance in Theatre Syrena during the Xth Jubilee Festival of Artistic Creation "Nike of Samothrace"
  • performance at the opening of the IIIrd International Children's and Youth Film Festival - TV POLSAT report ("Macie co chcecie" - "You can have what you want").
  • Performance in front of a several thousand audience gathered on the Palace Square at the Old Town in Warsaw, during the event entitled "Przed nami XXI w." ("XXI century is ahead of us")
  • Radio Zet broadcast "Nie do zobaczenia" ("You shall not see it")
  • TV POLSAT report (Express TV)
  • Meeting with David Copperfield; participation in the first Polish show of the "Magician of the Times" (07.03.00)
  • Invitation to participate in a TV ad
  • TV POLSAT report (Super Express)
  • Performance during "Terry Fox Run" in Warsaw
  • Beginning of co-operation with "American Friends in Warsaw" foundation, special performances in hospitals and orphanages.
  • Participation in a TV programme "Szopka całoroczna" ("The Yearlong Nativity Play", directed by Jerzy Kryszak
  • Another meeting with David Copperfield - handover of the XVIIIth century "Book of Magic" to the International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts
  • Performance during the gala of Advertising Competition IDEA AWARDS 2001
  • Cycle of performances on "Stena Line" Ferry Gdynia - Karlskrone
  • Realisation of the project "Summer School of Magic" in the Castle in Gniew, and "School of Prefects" in the Czoch Castle in Leœna, based on the novel "Harry Potter" by J.K. Rowling (see: Summer School of Magic)
  • Special performance during the ceremony of presenting Mrs. J.K. Rowling, author of "Harry Potter" with the Polish "Order of Smile"
  • Performance during the St. Andriew's day party in Casions Poland in Warsaw Marriott Hotel.
  • MTV Classic TV report (Portrays)
  • Special performances during the premiere of the Vth volume of "Harry Potter", "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix".
  • Training for experts in the frames of promotion of "Vanish" product organised by Reckitt Benckiser.
  • Consultations for TV and theatre productions (see: CONSULTATIONS)
  • Press report in Rzeczpospolita
  • Interview for "Promenada Sukcesu - Magazine For The Luxury Lifestyle"
  • Performance during The Sport's Champions Ball 2004 in Warsaw
  • Special performances during The World Organic Trade Fair BioFach 2005 in Nurenberg (Germany)

The group performed at the side of such celebrities as:

Jerzy Kryszak, Skaldowie, Mariusz Czajka, Elektryczne Gitary, Piotr Bałtroczyk, Tercet czyli Kwartet, Ireneusz Krosny, Adam Ferency, Wojciech Mann, Calle Sol & Rei Ceballo, Stefan Friedmann, Artur Barciœ, Edyta Jungowska, Andrzej Saramonowicz, Tomasz Konecki, Claudia Karlos, Małgorzata Foremniak, Justyna Steczkowska.


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